Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the project? The project is called the ‘N3 Virginia Bypass’. A project description can be found on the Home Page of the project website;

  2. What is the relevance of input from members of the public? The Design Team will consider all inputs from members of the public such as feedback or identification of local issues. This will contribute to the development of the option selection process and scheme design.

  3. What is the Need for the Project? The project aims to deliver on the strategies and objectives of the National Planning Framework (NPF) - Project Ireland 2040 and the National Development Plan (NDP) 2018 to 2027. The scheme will address the continuing main issues of congestion, safety and journey time along the N3 national primary road in the vicinity of Virginia, Co. Cavan. The project will improve accessibility within the county as well as regional and national accessibility to and from north-west region.

  4. Will lands within the Study Area be subject to a planning hold?Planning application will be considered on a case by case basis. Any planning application made within the Study Area for the scheme will be referred to the Design Team for their assessment of the impact on potential options. This assessment may recommend a hold on planning applications until such time when a preferred option has been selected. At that time, it is likely that planning applications in the vicinity of the preferred option will be subject to a planning hold.

  5. What will the status of bypassed sections of national roads be post completion? The status of bypassed sections of national road has not been determined at this time. Bypassed sections of national roads may remain as a national road or may be reclassified to regional or local roads following construction of new sections of the national route. It is likely however that the section of the N3 that will be bypassed will be declassified to a Regional Road similar to that following the construction of the M3/N3 around Kells and Navan.

  6. How likely is the scheme to be built? The N3 Virginia Bypass is identified as a priority scheme within a list of key projects in the National Planning Framework and National Development Plan 2018 to 2027. Advancement of the scheme is subject to ongoing funding and statutory approvals.

  7. Will the schemes involve demolition of property? The Study Area for the scheme is some 16.5km long and approximately 14km wide with options skirting the Virginia urban area. It is likely that some residential property will be affected, and some may need to be acquired to facilitate the scheme. Each property is considered a constraint and in so far as possible, the scheme will seek to avoid and/or minimise impacts.

  8. How will land be acquired? Will I be compensated? Given the scale of the project, it is likely that all lands required for the scheme will be acquired by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). Should any part of a person’s land/ property holding be included in the CPO, the land/property owner is entitled to compensation. This may also be the case for a person who may have an interest in any land/ property identified in the CPO. Compensation will be provided in accordance with CPO legislation.

  9. Has a traffic assessment been completed? The traffic data collection is proposed to be collected prior to Easter 2020. Traffic modelling and assessment will commence following receipt of this traffic data to ensure the proposed options cater for predicted traffic volumes.

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